Display image from local storage

How can I get the url of images located on the server? I will try this way to solve the problem.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand your question. What does it mean to find out the url of images? If you can display the images you need in the browser, then their url is located in the browser’s address bar.

It does not work too. I do not know how to fix the problem of the images. I have to change something ? the variable ?

Let’s start with a simple one.

Does this example work for you? The data in the list is displayed?


like this

yes it works

Check it


Does this example work for you like this? (image after click first record)

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Do not work. Here you can see a similar project that do not show images and also other things now. Can you fix this problem please? Thank you


Everything works for me: app variables and image from LocalDB with app variables. Show your screenshot of this project in Live


in your screenshot the answers are not shown (like the question at the top of the screen in mine).

One more time. Please open the project using the link below, click on the button and show your screen.


I have so.

Here the picture. It works

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In all the other my works I do not have the function “do something with count”

So, photos from LocalDB are displayed. This means that the variable is working and the photo is displayed from LocalDB. The problem is solved.

I have copied your Screen work and added to one of my app. The screen show just the botton. When I click it nothing happen.
In your previous link I could see the images but in my works not. Why?

Are you sure that the button works on your screen at all? It may be that you click a button and the handler doesn’t work. This can also happen.


Here one of my projects. Hope you can help me. Thank you in advance.

Your project doesn’t open on the link and says that an error has occurred. Perhaps the project broke down and does not work for this reason?

I do not know! On my Mac works. I will try again

Try just giving a link to the project as given in my link