Can I put an image on the local DB of thunkable without using a URL

Good day thunkers, I just wanted to ask If it is possible to upload or put an image on the local database of thunkable without uploading the image on googledrive or airtable, I just wanted my file to be loaded even if i am offline. And I asked if its possible because i wanted to make a table that has the photos on it. As putting image through URL takes time to load on slow internet connection worst the image does not appear.

I think it’s possible to do this. Here’s a demo I made:

It’s a little tough to test because I have to turn airplane mode on after live testing the project, then close and re-open the project. Plus, I have iCloud Photos on my iPhone so I can’t test the Album button and I didn’t add a recall button for that. I also am not sure how you would recall the file Upload. Maybe with a PDF viewer?

It should work with a local database. I just chose to use Stored list variables. But you could certainly try it with a data source.

Ohh my bad sir tatiang sorry, I wanted to store the images so I can use it on a DVL.

Here’s what I have in mind, So that I can call the localDB to fill my DVL with images, So if i run the app i can call the localDB making it look like this.


Ohh just fun note, I remember you’re the one who helped me with the search DVL by using 2 DVL so thank you with that.

Have you tried it with a DVL synced to a local data source? I think it will work. If you can’t get it working, post a link to your project or a screenshot of your blocks.

I uploaded some of the gif, and I wan to put them on the database as shown on the sample. So I can use it as my DB for the DVL. (1)

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