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I’m new in thunkable !

I want tell you something about my project.
i’m creating a project in thunkable which to insert some images in Data Viewer Grid.

I want my app working offline. if the app is already using by users, maybe i want to add some images to the app without re-create the project.

I have an argument here:
“If I create a database of images in a spreadsheet, and connect this with thunkable, will the user later need to run my app online?”

is there any other way so I can add more images to my app and the user doesn’t need to be online to use my app?

Hi Abdul

Check in the Device section on Blocks tab, and get device is online?. Then, grab an if block from Controls and set condition as:

if device is online = false then

Do whatever it has to do.

Make sure it is under a forever loop

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You have a choice to make:

  1. Host images online (e.g. Cloudinary) and store their urls in the cloud (e.g. Airtable, Google Sheets). When the app is online, have it download the images to the device.


  1. Add the images to the project and use the app offline entirely. I would probably go with this option unless you need to do a lot of changing/updating of images.
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i owe you on @krish05 :pray:

I’ll try it soon. I’ll greet you back later. Thank you !

Thanks a lot @tatiang :relaxed:

I will try to discuss it with my supervisor to choose the best one. If you don’t mind, i would to ask you another time. :pray:

Of course! It’s helpful to include more details about what you are trying to do or what you have already tried when you ask the next question.

Dear @krish05

Based on a solution you gave to me. Does it mean that users still have to use an internet connection to operate my application? especially shown the image?

The device is online? block just returns true if the device is connected to the Internet and false if it is not. It doesn’t do anything else. So you still need to consider the choices I provided and see what fits your needs.

Documentation for that block: Device - Thunkable Docs

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