Taking pictures offline and upload them later

I want to develop a “incident management app” for a company that checks storage locations. The users go to different locations each day and take pictures of incidents (dirty floors, wet spaces, etc). This locations don’t have internet (no cell coverage also). So the idea is that the users go for a visit, take different pictures using the app (they have to select different areas and pictures) and when they arrive home they open the app and “sync” the visit to the cloud. Imagine i already have the screens to create the visit, select the location, select the areas and take pictures but: how can i store in the local db the “path” to each pictures and the pictures in the phone gallery?

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I’m fairly certain you need Internet access to store a photo taken in Thunkable because it generates a Cloudinary url. So you could have the users upload photos from their photo album on their phone when they have Internet access but I don’t think you can have offline uploading.

So after playing with it for a couple hours I found how to save to and recall the local DB for pictures. It will save them as a file name so you wont find them in the gallery. This is just how I made it work but you take the photo and save the picture into a variable list and then save that list to the local DB (you could save the photo name alone and not put it in a list but I did for ease of recall). NOTE: I did notice if you try to custom name each photo and then put it in the list it dosnt recall it as easy so you should save each site separately or save each photo as its own (site a- laundry, site a bath, site b laundry, ect). You would want to make a variable that marks offline or a list that corresponds to the photo list to check that the photos havnt already been uploaded so you dont get duplicates by mistake. After you recall the photos you should be able to upload them after you have internet access.

I dont know if this makes sense but hope it helps and is what you were looking for. Let me know if I can make the mud any clearer HA HA.


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