Saving files to local device storage. Will it possible in the future?


I know saving a file to the device storage is currently no possible, but do Thunkable team plan to add this functionality ?

Just out of curiosity, why is this not possible ? (It seems to be a basic functionality, I can’t understand why this has not been implemented in Thunkable yet. Maybe a question of compatibility between different versions of Android, iOS and the way they manage access rights ?)

Thanks in advance !

Hi @algade1993x, thanks for reaching out about this.

Yes, this is something our Product team is currently looking into. I don’t have a specific timeline for when it will be released but we will absolutely make an announcement here when it is ready to go.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the info !
This would be a very useful functionality, for example for offline applications.

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What are you trying to save to the device? This could be possible using the share blocks for some files, photos, etc.

Let`s save a picture from camera to phone memory with name made of current time-date.png and with resolution 640x480

i have table with around 100 row and 4 column, everyday data is changing. In the morning table is update from google sheet and after update table is in local storage of phone. In 5th column need to put same numbers in addition with corresponding data in first 4 column of same row. In 6th column need to put picture taken from camera 320x240 pixel. Everything is doing offline because worker is on the field without internet and after he came back to work it will be updated to google sheet (data and pictures). The name of picture has to be: data from 4th column and data from the corresponding row - date - time.jpg or png. Is possible to make something like this?