[Solved] Local Storage with Images/Sound

Helo all,
Is there any way to save an IMAGE or a SOUND RECORDING to the local storage? I tried the local storage - save function but i dont think it works.


I’m sorry, but we do not support that at his time. May I ask what you are trying to do? Maybe there is an alternative approach.


Hey ! Does it have to be offline ?


Thanx for the reply.
Ok here’s what im trying to do.

I have a button that opens the camera and takes a pic.
and theres a text box that you can type something.

There’s another SUBMIT button.

So when the user takes a pic from the first button, it should store somewhere temporarily. Then, when you press the SUBMIT button, the Pic AND the text in the text box should be uploaded to a airtable DB.
I dont want the pic to be uploaded immediately after taking the pic. It should upload only when the SUBMIT button is pressed.

Thank you all.


After photographing and confirming the use of a snapshot, you will be given a temporary link to it. When you close the application, this link will stop working. Do you want the images to be saved between the two launches of the application, or will it be enough for this temporary link to be available until the application is closed? If the second option, then it is easy to do. Assign the reference to a variable and send it when you click on the SUBMIT button.

Hey ! May you explain with blocks what saving the link is like please ? Thanks ! I need to save a photo and keep it into the app. Is there a way to automatically reupload all the images from the phone everytime the app opens or something like this ?

Ooooooh… storing in the variable worked!!!
Thanks alooot!!

anyway, Is there any way to RECORD sound?
I couldn’t find an option to do so… :confused:

thank you

Hey @Kalindu_Aragorn, may you tell me how you did please ? Also did it work when you opened the app again ? Thanks !

In the “Camera.TakePhoto” block there is a local variable Photo, in which the local absolute address is stored on the photo taken. Store this address in a global variable of type store. The next time you open the application, assign this variable to the Image component and the saved photo will be displayed. I will give the block code now.



I did it exactly how @actech explained. Didnt test with closing the app and restarting. It should technically work i guess…

Anyway… is there any option to RECORD SOUND ?

There is no sound recording.

Ok thanks !

One more thing…
can you assign that variable to be send to a Airtable ATTACHMENT field?


I did not try to do that. It was quite enough for me to send the link to the text field.

Hello Kalindu_Aragorn,

there is an example now. Take a look at “Field” project created by albert:


I think this will help.




Hi @Guido_Esser

I just used ur formula of uploading image to Airtable… Its awesome.

Now searching for Calling the image from Airtable to Image … But its not working. can you guide please…

I am using Get cell with rownum and column name and putting image set to value of cell… Its blank… Pls suggest.


Can this store audio files in the local storage? Saw that the question above was just about recording sound. If so, are there any limits to the size?


Hi @greg_m1993, if you have a new question it might be better to create a new topic, otherwise there’s a risk of your question getting lost?

You can store up to 50MB of assets in your Thunkable project, but the MediaDB can be used to store more if needed.

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