Retrieving Images from Airtable

In my app, I’m storing an image in the form of a url in my Airtable database. I am able to retrieve it and display it, however after a few days go by it doesn’t display anymore. Why does this happen?

This is the code for how I inputted the picture into my Airtable:

This is the code for how I retrieved the picture:
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 1.22.25 PM

Hi, @qaburns014w! :wave:

I see, image that you are using a stored block for the URL of the image.

Can you please post the blocks where you set the stored photo variable?

Also, I cannot find any bug in your provided code.

Thanks! :blush:

This is how I got the photo from the user:

Can someone help me? Never got an answer for this issue.

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How long can it be viewed for? If it displays, and then stops. Is there some action overwriting it by chance?

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I’m able to view the picture for a day or two then nothing shows up after that. There’s nothing that overrides it. When I look in the table the value is still there.
Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 4.49.48 PM

Is the photo on the phone?

No I have been taking the photo.

Where is the image stored I mean. That looks like it’s local storage on the phone because of the file path

Or you might have deleted the photos*

I want the user to be able to either take a picture or get one from their photos library and my app would save that picture to Airtable. How can I save it differently so it stores the actual .jpg and not a link to a phone. Another user could pull up the app and should be albe to pull up pictures associated with other users. So the photos can’t be tied to local storage.
Is there a way to do that?

You will want to incorporate Cloudinary! Super easy to use and get images from!

I am using cloudinary to store the picture. But maybe I’m not saving the right thing in my Airtable. Also I’m actually not totally sure what the Realtime DB is - I copied some of this code from this website ( a long time ago and I’m not totally sure what this does. Can you look at my code blocks and help me make sure I’m saving the image in cloudinary and then on the post screen, I’m adding the url to cloudinary to firebase.

This is how I got the photo:

This is how I saved the photo to Airtable: