Unable to upload correct photo URL

I made a diary app.

Airtable is used as a cloud storage tool, Cloudinary is used to store pictures, and an offline mode is provided so that it can work normally when there is no internet. But now there is a problem. If one of the photos is added in the offline mode, all subsequent data will be added to that photo during synchronization. Only the part of the photo has this problem. Others such as mood or diary content All can be stored normally.
How to solve this problem?

My app:

*There are some Chinese characters in the code, if there is any part that you don’t understand, you can ask me

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It’s a lot to ask someone to look through hundreds of blocks across multiple screens. Can you explain which part of your project you think contains the problem?

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I think the problem lies in the synchronization page. I uploaded multiple data using the repeat box, but the problem I mentioned occurred. I have tested it, and if you don’t use the repeat box to upload manually one by one, it’s okay.