[Solved] Can upload image to Cloudinary

When i try to save a image en cloudinary, for example the next code, it said the path is incorrect. If a use the option to save a image from gallery there is not problem, so Cloudinary is correctly configured.

The error message

  1. How are you initializing stored variable lafoto?
  2. What happens if you connect url from uploaded file to Foto's Picture directly without using the variable?
  1. I use a store variable to try something different, but if a use the photo.picture is the same
  2. The same problem.

Where are you getting this message? The Thunkable Live app? If so, is this on iOS or Android?

thunkable live app. I try to generate the Android .apk, but the problem is de the same.

Try uploading the photo like these blocks, where you upload the file and within that then set the picture to the photo and the text to the URL, and use the advanced version of the URL from uploaded file (you can get the advanced version of this block by right-clicking on the block itself and selecting “Show Advanced Block”
Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 12.51.12 PM

Yes, i don’t have problem from the photo library. The problem is to do a photo a send to cloudinary. Another example.
I get this:

with this code

You are assigning two values to the same label (textApellidos). That means you will never see the green error block value. Assign the error block to a different label and tell us what you see there.

it`s true, but it’s not that.

Those blocks are not going to work. You shouldn’t reference a variable name using another variable. You need to use the ‘set app variable lafoto’ block at the top of the Variables drawer.

But what we need to see is the error value.

This is the error:

The problem was that have to be deploy in the smartphone to test, no in the web.

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