Where to upload all the images and how to make images available offline

I want to use local_db where I will give links to all my images (Cant i store images directly in local_DB?)

Which is the best place to store all images to get their links

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Check out the documentation on Media DB (cloudinary) Media DB by Cloudinary - ✕ Docs


Thanks for reply
Just to add, I want , mobile app to be available offline.
So what happens to images? Will the be available offline too?

I’m not sure about offline images. I think that will be a challenge, but I don’t do much with offline images. You might consider updating the subject of this tread to indicate you are looking for help downloading images to your local device.


I think the best answer requires more info.

What is the total size of the images you want to package with the app? < 10mb?

Ideally if you must package an image with your app, you’d use an optimized/compressed image. You’d include this as an app asset. This ensure the images are always available, regardless of internet connection.

You can also host the image in cloudinary and use a transformation to deliver an optimized (compressed and resized on the fly) image ideal for any internet connection. But this way you are only calling the url and using the url as a source for the image file.


Thanks for replying

I want to use local DB and have images in 1 column. So my best option is image URLs? Say I need 70 images in local DB column, can i ship these 70 images in app assets and use them in local DB column so all images are also available off line?


The images you want to store, will they be the same for each user or different for each user?

Ok. Follow up. Do you require your user to save data in some online database or are you using Firebase for user login?

Images will be same for all users

Currently I dont need any login.
Users will not login or save any data.

Only read is there in my screens - in some screens only text is there. On some screens images are there.

I need to show my data from table. So i was wondering between local_db or airtable. Airtable I am able to add images. But scared if I have to pay them gradually. Also, airtable means images not available for offline use. (Will rest of mobile app be availbale offline, only images will be empty?)
If I use local db, I cannot attach images right?
either I add all images in thunkable and then use in my screens. This means all images will be available offline? I wonder how many total images I will be able to use with this approach. If I upload images somewhere and put links in local db, then app will not be available offline right!

  1. If I want all images/mobie app available offline what is best way to store images?
  2. If this is a hassle (offline) so if app is always available only online, then what is best way to store images? (Preferable I want mobile app and images all available offline also)

Local DB vs airtable? Which one to choose?

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Thanks guys for responding.
Highly appreciate !! :grinning:

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To use the app offline with images means loading all images as files in Thunkable and this also means your app size will increase a lot.

When using Airtable then you are using online connection. This means your app will be available in the user’s phone but the images will require internet connection.

The ideal situation is to use the link of the image (URL) in your database and save the image somewhere else. The Thunkable way to save images is to load them to cloudinary which when loaded will return the link which you should use in your database.

Hope this answers your questions.


Thanks so much for replying

So should I have this approach:
I will save some images in thunkable app so some screens are available offline and some images on cloudinary, so those screens will need internet connection?

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There are some exceptions, but here is the general rule I use:

  • If the image is provided by the DEVELOPER (you), upload them into the PROJECT
  • If the image is provided by the USER, upload them into CLOUDINARY
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I am not sure what kind of apps you want to build but I can imagine you need offline photos for references purpose. There is a “photo_library” block where you can load any image from your phone gallery (hence offline capable). Then process the image as an image variable in the app.

For online, I find it a lot easier and more powerful to store in airtable instead. I can put attributes with the photo as a record.

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As pertains to images , you can’t store images , but you can store online links of images, or even names of images, that are within your app assets. E.g cat.png , will bring up the referenced image from your list of images…
The bast way for offline use is to upload them and give meaningful names that represent the image , then put the name in the local Db.
This works out well.

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