Thunkable iOS: Display images from a server

How can I display images in the device that I have pre-uploaded?What to use - Firebase, MediaDB or Spreadsheets?

You can use any of what you wrote. For example, you can work as wrote Mark

i cannot understand his method. can u pls share blocks of some other method?

An example of working with MediaDB

When working with RealtimeDB, you save images in the Firebase storage. All files in this repository have a URL that you can assign to the Image.Picture property.

I would like to upload a new image daily so i cannot keep adding new urls

Please tell us in more detail what you want to do.

It is a daily tip app. I want to upload tips in the form of images daily.

Ok, but what difficulties do you have when working with databases? The database stores image URLs, and in the stores - the files themselves. We access the database, get the URL file and display it in any Thunkable X component that works with images.

I used this method. However, no image is being displayed. Additionally, my toolbar also disappears.These are my blocks

In the block “in list” is missing a number value. Put the block with the number 1.

fixed it. still not displaying

It is necessary to look “value” and “error” value. Try to connect “value” block directly through the “generate JSON from object” block to Label1.Text.

If you give me a link to your project, then I can help faster.

have shared my link in messages.

Just to clarify, my post describing how to retrieve images assumes that you will use an Airtable spreadsheet to store your images and our Spreadsheet component to retrieve it (see here for help on that). You could then directly use the site (or one of their apps) to upload your images as often as you need.


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we used your example and it works fine. There was a problem with the incorrect table name and some difficulties with displaying the image in the Image component.


I am new to Thunkable and was looking for help to build a simple app on my iPhone SE. I want to be ableto have an app that will have one button which when pressed will pull an image from my Desktop (or server) and display it on scree along with a text message. Any idea on how to go about doing this? I would really appreciate any tip or directions to useful resources on how to build this in Thunkable.

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Can you explained to make this method work?