Need to display images from a folder present in desktop

I am new to thunkable. I am trying to create an app which gives details of an electronic shop. When a user opens the app, the user can click on a button which takes him to view various items with prices (images). Whenever the shop owner wants to add/remove an item in the folder, he will do it and the same needs to reflect in the app as well. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The shop owner will need to move to an online database management system. This is how the users and him will stay in contact about what’s available.


+1 to what @jared said. Spreadsheets are also fantastic for something like this. Thunkable X supports Airtable, as well as Google Sheets through the Data Viewer component. You can upload your images directly to Airtable, so the shop owner only ever has to use Airtable. See the post linked here:

Since the new Data Viewer component can pull from Airtable, the app becomes super easy to update from your end.

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