How to get image from firebase

Hello , How to get image from firebase ? for wallpaper app and Show image from Firebase in thunkable project ?

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If you have a link to the image, you can just use the Image component in Thunkable and set its value to the link/url.

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What you can do is upload the image in cloudinary.
Cloudinary returns a url you can put that in firebase and in the app the image would be previewed in my app also I doing like this

You can upload images to your Firebase Storage service and then retrieve them using the following URL{{your storage url}}/o/((your image name}}?alt=media&token={{image token}}

The arrow points to the storage URL

Click on the image to get the token.

yes i have do this , but the problem is in thunkable i dont know what blocks i will use if someone have an exemple

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Do you want to upload images from the app or you will upload once the app is live

What do you mean?
If you have uploaded the image to Firebase Storage or Firebase Firestore then you just need to the the URL of the image and save it either directly in the Thunkable designer (a good example is having an image component in the screen and using the URL as the name of the image in the component).

If, in the other hand, you want it dynamic such as for profile display then store the URL from the image in Realtime DB and retrieve as required by the app.

no i want upload images from the app because i will upload alot of wallpapers and with big sizes so i want host this image in firebase

storage is not owned by firebase.

you mean Firebase hosting?

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wallpapers have a big sizes so i can not add all wallpapers in my thunkable projects , so i have to host it in firebase and get the link to my thunkable project hope you understand


the links like or

firebase links have experienced errors. so better if you create a database and conect it to thunkable to reflect them on a DVL or Data viewer grid.

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Adding images into an Airtable base and then calling them into the app is way easier, I think. Just create a Airtable base, and upload all your wallpapers there. It is also possible to display these outside DVLs and DVGs by separately calling rows and and setting your screen’s background image to the link.

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that’s what I said

The free plan of Airtable was limited to 1200 rows then Airtable added another constrain which is the total size of 2GB. If @enzka007 is talking about HD images and lots of them then I’m sure he will hit the limit.

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Dear @super-coder
You must be confusing Firebase Storage with something else.

I’m currently using Firebase Storage and have well over 200 scanned pages in it and working smoothly with Thunkable.

Oops, I’m so sorry.

I had no clue about this. I was once able to make a music app by uploading the songs to airtable and then calling them separately into the app.

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