Uploading pictures Firebase Storage. Help

Hello everyone!

Can someone give me a solution to upload a picture to firebase storage (not using cloudinary)?

This is the code that i am ussing, but i don´t know where to place the path of the image (“Photo”). It seems that there is nowhere to place it in Post method… With the code i am uploading to my firebase storage empty objects (0 bytes).

Thanks in advance!


You just want to display the file from Firebase Storage, or perform contains it some kind of operation?

To get started, try to specify a direct link to the file and display it in the application.


The problem would be that I am trying to upload a picture to firebase, not to show it from the storage. Can it be done?


Now I realized. I do not know ways to upload a picture from Thuinlable X in Firebase Storage. You do not fit the image loading in Cloudinary? https://docs.thunkable.com/media-db