Firebase get images

I stored images on “Firebase Storage” … how in Thunkable X I can get and display them?


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I found this. Ciao :wave:

I know/used this extension but not in X version. At the moment is it not possible get any extension in this version.


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Sorry, I’m sleeping jet :joy::joy::coffee::coffee: I didn’t see X. There is in x something like this?

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… I’m trying … sure to have everything in firebase was more comfortable. DB, authentication and images. Instead, it is necessary to break up.
I hope the team add all futures there were in previous version :wink:

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Hi there,

You can store images in Firebase by first uploading the images to our Media DB powered by Cloudinary. There’s an example of this on Screen 3 of our Gram sample app



hello albert, Is it possible that I can use this for my project?

I have found a great solution to this. Use a solution like or others such as this. Make a short link and then from there you can update that image by changing the long link but the short will redirect. Which means you will not have to change the app every time you want to change the image. Make sure the link is also compatible. Google drive links for example do not work. Maybe try an image sharing solution that works the same as Facebook or the likes. Hopefully this helps you and if you want more feedback please reply. :slight_smile:

Bro at present I am facing with the same problem do you any suggestion plz let me know

Thank u in advance