Use Firebase Storage with Thunkable


I want to make an app in which:

  • An admin can upload PDF files
  • The viewer can view & download the PDF files

To do this, I’m thinking of using Firebase Storage. How do I integrate it with Thunkable?

On the firebase website, the Java code for this is given. Is there any way to use Java with Thunkable?

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No there is not.
Follow this Thunkable tutorial.

Then fill in your firebase options in Thunkable and either use real timeDB or cloud variables to upload/get data.


very easy.

See this image from my Firebase Storage

You can do the same.

So, you mean to provide a URL? How do I upload it, get the link and view it from my app as well?

(The same file has to be uploaded from the app and then viewable from the app itself, just to be clear)

To upload it you need to use the web API component.

First, transform the image into base64(using a web viewer HTML code) and then post it as “body”.

It might be better to use the built in functionality of Cloudinary, then show the PDF in a web viewer.

Does Cloudinary support PDFs? i thought it was only for images and videos

Edit: Nevermind, it does.

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I’ll try Cloudinary

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Give it a shot, if yoy cant figure it out. Let us know :slight_smile:

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Cloudinary Works great, Thank You!!

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