Uploading to Firebase or Google Storage

Hi everyone.

I’m new to Thunkable X. I’ve developed an app for Android on App Builder but I need to get on to iOS as well. Thunkable looks to be be almost perfect.

Can anyone tell me if there is a workaround to upload audio files (or any files) to Firebase / Google Storage. I’ve gone all in with Firebase on Android & Web as I use other Google Cloud Services. I don’t want to use another provider like Cloudinary.

Is Thunkable planning Firebase storage integration soon or does anyone know if I could use Javascript via the WebViewer to upload? Can Webviewer be invoked in the background without opening a page?

I’ve seen some example of WebAPI useage but they don’t appear to have been working examples. Any help would be really appreciated.


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Welcome to the world of Thunkable. The web viewer can communicate with your JavaScript using the web viewer extension and from your JavaScript code you can upload files to your site.

Read this post for more info
Web viewer messages

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Hi @brian9vece,

I have done exactly that. Both with and without Cloudinary. As @muneer suggests, I used Javascript, HTML and NodeJS . It became very complicated and involved because for example, I am generating thumbnails and previews with JS Canvas and PDF.js. I certainly don’t know of any no-code or low-code solutions.

good luck.

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Hi @muneer & @eddie.rebehy.

Thanks for your replies and sorry I’m only getting back to you now.

I’ll give it a go and see how I go. It might be easier to expose an existing API on the website and use WebAPI but there’s work involved in it too! Need to make sure it is secure…

Thanks again,


You may also try this using the web viewer component