Cloudinary Upload widget

Hi Thunkers,

Is it possible to get Thunkable to include local files in the cloudinary file picker as described in their documentation on their widget. It would be great to include the PDF capabilities of Cloudinary in addition to images.

My application uses Firebase RTDB and Storage (GS). I am using node js with Firestore functions and Thunkable as the UI. Because of the Thunkable/Cloudinary API for the Thunkable image picker, I have now added Cloudinary to my project even though I can accomplish everything I needed with Firebase and Node js Canvas.

I really don’t want to get into too many API’s if I can avoid it and it appears that Cloudinary already has the solution many of us need which Thunkable should be able to easily incorporate to allow us to add pdf to our users file selections. My project deals with brochures/posters/Signboards and not just images.

@eddie.rebehy, do you mean upload an asset that you initially uploaded to the Thunkable project?

Apologies for my poorly worded question.

I basically need to be able to select pdf files in my app as an asset to add to the Cloudinary db. Currently Thunkable file picker only allows image files.

Cloudinary have an awesome file picker widget that includes access to the users one drive or Google Drive in addition to device files. I was hoping Thunkable could include this widget as part of the integration. I hope that makes more sense.

Got it - thanks for clarifying :+1:

To the best of my recollection, the last time I looked into this there was an issue with doing this on Apple devices?

I don’t use iOS a whole lot - maybe they don’t like third-party apps accessing the system storage? (If there’s a file manager-type app for iOS, I guess that would disprove my theory! :joy: )