Upload / Download Files? ie. PDF Files

Hi All,

From my searching I do not believe there is currently a solution for uploading or downloading files other than images. Is this an accurate statement?

I was toying around with an idea for an app that would utilized the PDF viewer component. So I wanted to be able to upload a PDF and download a PDF. Any thoughts?


Hey @Darren - upload to the app or upload to the cloud with something like MediaDB? (Or both?)

Sure but there is no way for a user to get a file into the app right? I can only add a PDF (or any other file besides pictures) to the app by adding it as a file before publishing from what I can see.

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+1 @Darren

I too would like the feature to upload .PDF files into app, just like we upload images through the Library component.

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Not right now. Cool - so a file picker component?

I’m not sure if this was an iOS limitation or if it was something on our end. As it happens we have a big upgrade coming out today, so this is as good a time as any to check in and see whether or not this is possible.

Thanks @Darren and @kartik14


Hi, is there any update on this topic? I am also looking for an option to choose pdf file from the app and upload.


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Watching this thread.

I’m going to try to use the Cloudinary widget on a custom web page and access the webpage using web viewer. If I can upload a file to Cloudinary using their own widget on a bespoke webpage, I may be able to manipulate and use that file through Node JS firebase functions and hence Thunkable. I am doing something similar now for my users profile pictures but without the file picker widget.

I’ll keep everyone updated but if anyone thinks I’m wasting my time trying this, please yell out.

I want to make cloud storage using airtable. This will be useful as it will be able to replace the photo library and also with the web viewer, it can be great to upload web pages. it will be good to add presentation viewers(LibreOffice Impress, Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides), table viewers(LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets), document viewers(PDF, LibreOffice Writer, Microsoft Word, Google Docs)