Upload file (pdf) by user

Hello guys,
I am in the process of creating an app for a client.
There is a small problem, which is very necessary for my client, which is uploading files as .pdf via app.

Let’s explain:
There are 3 buttons in the app.
One of them takes pictures,
The other one upload images from library
And by pressing the last one, it should browse the files on the phone.
So users will be able to choose PDF and upload it via Cloudinary.

Bu the problem is, there is no option to browse files in Thunkable X :roll_eyes:

I will be very grateful if any of you help me solve this problem.


ScrFileViewer on the screen is an example that works in Live and install on Android. When installed on iOS example will not work, since it is not supported by the data URI.


If you know how to program, I can give a template with which you can use the Firebase run code in the above example on iOS.

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Actually, it’s not what I’m looking for!
I need an option to select and upload files through app not an external web page! (something just like photo library + upload component)
The reason is because I have writing rules in my firebaseDB and user must be verify by auth. informations which have been stored in app.

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Do you have a specific example of this @jaythemanchs?

There’s no point in saying something like

If you don’t actually support that statement with a tutorial or community post.

You’ve been making quite a lot of posts like this in the community lately:

The whole idea of the community is to help one another out. It’s not simply about replying to a post, you should be aiming to make a positive contribution to the other person’s project.

Actually you can.
Well first of all you’re going to need a cloudinary account. You can use this widget here. https://cloudinary.com/documentation/upload_widget#quick_example . You’ll need to put the code into an HTML file. But remember that you need to send the details to thunkable. I could give you the sample code if you want.

Hi @jaythemanchs

I have been playing around with this before I came accross this thread. I have successfully been able to host the widget html in my firebase storage and call its access token from inside Thunkable Web viewer.

After successful file upload, I am unsure how to send the cloudinary upload details to the Thunkable app. Is this what you have accomplished?

Edit: I have now been able to return the Cloudinary URL using the webviewer post message method. Not sure if you have a better solution.