PDF Upload and visualization

Hi everyone,
I have a similar issue to the one described in this topic: Upload file (pdf) by user

as for @farzam-parto, by pressing a button, my app should browse the files on the phone.
So users will be able to choose PDF and upload it via Cloudinary.

I may have found a workaraound, by using a web viewer, I open this webiste

That allows me to upload a PDF and to view it, but unfortunately, I’m not able to store the link of the displayed PDF in Firebase or Cloudinary since the web viewer does not allow me to read the current URL.

Here some pics of the Page and the code.
When “Carica” is pressed it should read the URL of the file I uploaded but the function Get Url of Web Viewer 3 returns always the link of the website and not the link of the file.

Are there other ways to obtain the same result?
Or I have to wait for the web Viewer to be improved?

Hi @wikilinks.infooleua0 are you using your own site to upload this?

If so then you can use the post and receive blocks to handle this for you?

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Thanks, I’ll try it and let you know !

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