I want to make an online image sharing app

i want to to make an online wallpaper app using firebase and cloudnary. but cant share the image(some codes appears) help me

Hello @lijowilsonxyz4b0s7

Welcome to the Thunkable Community ! Can you please provide a picture of the erro so we can understand better what seems to be the error?

Thank you!

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only the links are getting shared to the social media rather than the image file

Firebase storage does not work with Thunkable at the moment. You need to upload to cloudinary using the “media_db” and use it’s media url to share.

i used that to but only the link is getting shared

@lijowilsonxyz4b0s7, unless the photo is packaged within the app as an asset, you won’t be able to send the file from the app. If App doesn’t have file, it can’t send it. If there was a file picker and a way to transmit files, you could grab it from the phone or asset bank, but I don’t think this is an option for now.


thanks for the help

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