Upload Pictures


I just posted my first picture from the iphone to my firebase storage. unfortunely it has the size of 0 kb :frowning:

Does anybody has experience with that?

EDIT: I managed to upload the string with the path to the file, but still not the picture itself. Any help, from anybody?

I still have no conclusion to upload pictures with iOS devices after all my testings. So I have to be patient and wait for future updates. I’m sure thunkable developers do their best to achieve this goal.

Hi there.

Firebase does not store images unfortunately and we’ll have to add an image DB like Cloudinary to make this work.

What kind of app are you building? Looking for more information so that we can prioritize what comes next.

Albert @ Thunkable

Thank you for your reply, albert!

I’m building the iOS version of my android app, which is a social network app, where every user can upload a jpg-picture of a product and a description, for example Price and Location. All the other users are then able to see the picture and the description.
In the android version, pictures are uploaded to firebase storage with the “web” blocks, and description is saved in firebase database with the firebaseDB blocks.
For the download I use the pedrozaglide-extension blocks for the pictures and the firebaseDB blocks for the description, which is stored in the JSON-tree in firebase.

I think, it is very common, to use pictures and descriptions in every social network app.
If you have a better solution than using firebase storage and firebase database, let me know. I will not hesitate to rebuild the android version of my app to get a solution, which makes it possible to upload and download data from android AND iOS platform!

I hope this information can help pushing the borders of thunkable for iOS!