[Solved] I don't know hot to upload images in Thunkable X

Hi, I’m a begginer and am trying to make an app which can upload an image, a profile image, in a Data Base the problem is that I don’t know how to upload it, I’ve been trying with Firebase and Spreedsheat, I read and watched videos about but, because of my inexperience I can’t solve it. Can someone help me? Thanks.

Hi @nickolas :wave:

Welcome to the community and best of luck with your Thunkable projects.

In relation to uploading and image, the Media DB would be the most suitable for this.


Thanks for the answer, could you please show me the blocks?

If you click on the link I sent you above it has an example you can use to get started!

ok, I’ll try it and will let you know if I succeed.

Well the app returns an error mensage saying: “You need to provide a valid media path”, but I’ve connected my thunkable app in the cloudinary and did the same as it’s shown in the link of Media DB page.

If you add a label to your app, what path is it returning?


Can you share a screenshot of your blocks please?


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There’s no such image as “photo1” to upload, hence why you’re getting an error.

You should use the green “photo” block. (It appears there’s an error in the docs)


I changed the block and now it appears that my app froze and don’t display anything. Do I have to set RealtimeDB to the same settings as Media DB?

Can you try adding a key to the Realtime DB please?

(Do you need this component too?)

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Sorry, Now it worked. Thanks a lot for the help. Great support.