[Solved] Download images from Drive to Storage

Hey, I’m trying to do the following:

  1. I have a fully functional quiz app , working offline with the local spreadsheet.
  2. I need to periodically update data in the local sheet sheet with new questions ( this I can do).
  3. My problem is downloading an image from drive to my storage.

Hey @general!

Good to hear!

Are your existing images stored locally in your built app?

Will these new questions have to work offline too?

@domhnallohanlon thank you,

And yes,

  1. My existing questions are stored on Local DB table and images too uploaded as resources, then called by name in a column in the local Db spreadsheet.
    So I need to,
  2. Download additional images to my storage,( from either drive,air table or other source)
  3. Append new rows to my local DB.
    My Quiz App is for offline use, where pupils update in the school new content ( quizzes / assignments) and go to use a home.
    My community has no access to internet connectivity, only in the school compounds ,installed by the Government.
    I would also appreciate a hint on how to store a students responses in a stored variable that can be submitted back to a teacher , once there is connectivity. I was thinking maybe as a list of responses, or an object?
    Thank you

Thanks @general - yeah I was thinking that alright. I’m not sure if this particular implementation is possible actually…

Do you have any idea of how often the quiz will be updated?

Is there any possibility that the students could just update the entire app when they connect to the school network, thus getting all your new questions and images?

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@domhnallohanlon thanks

Maybe quizzes will be updated once a term,(quarterly) but since there are many schools which will use the App, this may vary.
I feel that your option of updating the app, will work too, where all the new questions will just be installed afresh with the updated Apk. This will work.
But I will keep on trying to play around with the blocks and will keep you posted on what I find,
Thank you!!

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Great, glad that will get your project moving forward again @general

I’m going to mark this question as “solved” for now, and if I learn of any alternative way I’ll let you know.

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