Data Sources ≠ Local DataBase

DS are slower if used like a normal localDB and not with list viewers than lDB, but I understand that they are an evolution in terms of cloning screens and the like.

But are they getting worked on and we can expect great improvements or should I keep using lDB and work with what I got?

Cause I see how they would make the process more tidy but they are limited for now in different ways, like you can’t modify the table’s name or there is commands missing for airtable

Hey @maxb - in what way(s) are they slower?

Have you done any particular benchmarking here or do you have a sample app that we can test out?


Try to use them for anything very simple that is not connected with the data viewers and you will see how slow the phone does the command that it otherwise does instantly if you use “normal” localDB.

Like cloning blocks based on a localDB and assigning them values