Using LocalDB as source of DVL

As we know, DataViewerList can be bound to a data source, and we have now as options for that local tables, Airtable or GoogleSheets. It’s fine if you already have data on those. But if you dynamically build this data just before you populate your DVL, time consuming is pretty big, if you handle large amount of data.
Another data handling option in Thunkable is LocalDB. This is very fast in terms of building and populating, but pretty useless (in my opinion) if you can’t bound it to a DVL to proper display the results. Yes, I know, you can display some to simple list viewers, but those are not as customizable as DVL.
So I’d find very useful some update that will provide me the tool to link a LocalDB to a DVL.
Any thoughts about it, @domhnallohanlon ?
Thank you.


there’s no point of connecting LOCALDB component to the DVL. In case you want the data ready you could click

@super-coder , have you read the post?

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is the key of my post

yeah sure.