View data in local db


Is there any way to view data that has been injected into the local db from another data source or via blocks?

If I inject data the data does not show when I select the datasource or click View Data in the DateViewer component; but it shows up on the screen in the List Viewer; only data that has been entered manually shows up.

If I have a large db, viewing via the dataviewers is not efficient.

2023-09-03 14 28 06

2023-09-03 14 30 24


There is no way to easily see the current/live data in a local database.

I’m sure this has been requested many times over the years. I submitted it as a feature request here: View local data source values · Issue #1176 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub.

I’m hoping Thunkable Staff are moving existing feature requests to the forums because they are no longer using GitHub for that.

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