My ads are not showing on live nor built apps

Hi! Can you tell me whats wrong? My ads are not showing neither on build apps nor in thunkable live
I read the documentation carefully but they are not visible.
The banners are using their corresponding space but I can not see them.
My google adsense and admob account are completly verified and ready to use

@hernandezsilvaericko, is your app published yet?

If you go to your AdMob dashboard, what sort of fill rate are you seeing?

No it is not published yet, I didn´t noticed that it must be published

It doesn’t have to be published, but let’s put it this way:

Your app is a little bit like a newspaper. If the newspaper has no readers (and therefore no one sees any of the ads in the paper!) do you think any business would want to pay for an ad in that newspaper?

Having a published app is like verifying the “readership” for your app so that businesses will be more likely to advertise in your app.

Also, did you find an answer to my previous question?


I got your point!
I was looking for the answer of the second question, I think this is what you were asking for?

Does something should me displayed when I use admob on test mode?

If you’re using test mode you should see test ads.

Suddenly I started to show test ads. Thank you, maybe there was something to do with my internet connection