Interstitial ads only showing once per session [Nov 2022]

My banner ads are working fine, but im only getting one interstitial ad per session.

I’ve added a block to show an alert if there was an error but no errors are coming up. Even the “if error” is not coming back true in order for me to see the error on a label or an alert.

The blocks which are supposed to be executed after the interstitial ad don’t get executed at all. The process just stops at the interstitial ad block.

To solve this, i had to remove the blocks and put them in parallel with that block instead of inside the “then do” slot.

P.s. i don’t have any frequency caps on admob’s side.

I couldn’t find posts similar to this. Appreciate your help

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hello i have the same problem ,banner is working perfectely but interstetial is showing 1 time in all application i dont know why ,

To clarify, im using Android to test this. No idea if the issue occurs on iOS.

I’ve read in many forums (outside of thunkable) that this issue is usually caused because the app is attempting to show the ad again without “loading it” again. So the solution would be to load the ad everytime before showing it.

I’m no expert but I hope thunkable staff would be able to advise. My app is finished and this is the only thing holding me from publishing it.

@jared have you got any past experience with this issue?

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I don’t have much experience using admob and haven’t seen this issue before. It’s possible that a promise isn’t being resolved appropriately. (A bug)

Can you share screenshots of how you’re using the block? Have you tested any other apps?

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This is one example. I also have it on some button clicks.

Before, I had the next blocks inside the “then do”, but since the next blocks are not being done (including the If+Error bock), I had to separate them

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I just took your note and checked another app (new). I added an interstitial ad and kept using thunkable’s Ad Unit IDs and the same problem happens. The ad works only once unless I close the app and reopen it

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Sounds like a bug. Can you follow up with @conroy about this. Sharing a minimal reproducible example will be key.

@conroy I’d be happy to share any info you need. I think this issue can simply be seen by adding the show interstitial ad show block normally and you’ll see the result

I had few apps that were using AdMob Interstitial.
As far as I know, but I think it might have changed, AdMob (or stores) allows just one interstitial every a certain amount of seconds in order to guarantee the minimum viability of the app.

As far as i can remember it was something like 1 Interstitial every 30-60 seconds or so but again, it was long time ago.

Hope it helped

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@maurizio.polverini89 Please note that im complying with admob’s policies and they don’t mention a minimun period. They just mention ways that ads shouldn’t be used.

Nevertheless. My ads are not showing even once every 5 minutes (I’ve checked) no matter how many apps i try. It’s an issue in the code that has to be addressed and solved.

Awaiting thunkable team’s kind feedback

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yes its thunkable issue , there no issue in admob im sure 1000% , and thunkable never talk about this issue i dont know why , support also dont give any help or solution the same answer all the time , its more than 1 month now @muneer @tatiang

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I don’t know anything about ads, sorry!

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Thanks for your kind feedback @tatiang and sorry to bother you.

@conroy a gentle reminder. Any updates?

bro do you have contacted support ? any news ?

Yeah I’ve contacted them and awaiting their reply. I’ll make sure to let you know what happens.

okey please , but i m sure it will be the same answer , because they dont have solution for this

@enzka007 @diaa.t.tamimi7if We’re looking into this now. It is possible Google has changed some of their requirements for AdMob. We’re checking all areas on this and if it’s a bug on our end, we’ll get it logged and over to our engineering team.


@conroy appreciate your efforts. Please let us know of any updates.

any news about interstetials @conroy