Interstitial ads only showing once per session [Nov 2022]

@enzka007 @diaa.t.tamimi7if We’ve replicated this issue and are reporting it as a bug so that we can investigate further to isolate the cause and work on a solution.


hello any update about interstetial bug ??!

Hello @enzka007, no news yet. Please be patient with us as we gather details and attempt to isolate the issue. I will update here as we progress with this.

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ok sir thank you

Ads is not my strong point. It is better to get a direct help from the Thunkable support.

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hello any update about interstetials ? @diaa.t.tamimi7if @conroy

hello , any update about interstetials bug sir ?

We’ll have a timeline for getting this fixed within one week.


hello , any update ?

Look above. It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no. It’s the answer to your question!

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i thought it was a plane

Here I thought you were gonna call me Superman :rofl:


Dear Superman,

Any updates on this evil villain?


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The fix for this is going through QA soon, likely this week still. If QA goes well, it will be pushed out with an upcoming release.


Thanks for your feedback. Please keep us posted as I want to publish a new version when this is fixed.

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any update ?

@enzka007 A fix is still in testing as of earlier today.


ok thank you bro :pray: