[Solved] Can't assign Camera and AdMob settings

I enter the necessary information about describe Camera, but after I exit the project and open it anew, the information disappears. This also happens with AdMob Settings. I made an inquiry to the Thunkable team, but for a month now no answer. My question is - Has anyone encountered this problem and does he know any solution?
I tested the following options:
Replacing the camera component. Another browser. I also created a test project in which I have the same problem.

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Check this post

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Thanks @muneer. Obviously the problem concerns all users. There is definitely a chance that the Thunkable team will fix this bug!

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I’m sure they will.

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Hello ,
I have an issue with AdMob Settings , if i add my app id and tracking message ,nothing saved , after reopen the app i find all data gone.
is any one has same issue ?


Are you closing the app just after putting admob I’d?

no i keep it few seconds maybe to save data ,but nothing happens

i was experencing the same problem @domhnallohanlon from @Thunkable_Staff . he said

As you were using Admob, we reccomend it for PRO users and that’s a LOT of demand. but as .APK files also work try testing on your android device.

so try this advice from @Thunkable_Staff

are you using Androd or iOS
  • iOS
  • Android

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I’ve just noticed the same issue… even if i set my android app ID there, then work on app some time, when exit AdMob settings are gone… but all others are saved…
I’ve already published some updates without it as i only now noticed :thinking:

Related to this i have another “lost” setting: everytime i duplicate my project, even source project is loosing version name & code, and putting there 1 … i understand that a duplicate is like a new project, but why original project doesnt keep those ? (i keep “auto increment version” OFF" but tried ON too, same thing)

Is these “normal” things (in StP version, that I’m using it) or you are aware of issues ? Thank you for your time @domhnallohanlon

Later edit: I was really wondering why in first 10 days i had 0,31 euro on my AdMob accound, then in the next 2 months nothing came :rofl:

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I would add that this problem also exists in the description required for the use of the camera in iOS


Thanks for flagging this folks, we’ve just rolled out the update for it now.

Please do a hard refresh in your browser and let us know whether or not the settings are being saved for you now.


cc: @Balanced_Kitchen @zimat.bed9ut @mimostel

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I tried a hard reset, another browser, incognito mode, but it still doesn’t work for me.


Same here…
Hard refresh, Thunkable Inc. Version v287-36-prod
Still don’t save.


I tried it in my side and the project settings information are not saved either.

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