[Resolved] Label text overflow is showing on DnD. Is this to be expected?

I’ve also found that when you set number of lines it doesn’t respect the borders of the label. That may be expected but I am not sure. Screenshot below.

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Hey @zander

That seems new for sure and a bit nicer. IMO You should be able to set the # of lines value to prohibit the text overflow from showing. I believe this stems from a fix we issued last week related to the number of lines properties for labels.

Fix label number of lines

  • When Label ‘number of lines’ property set, make label show (up to) that number of lines of text

Can you first make sure you’re using the latest version of the companion app and try using this property and let me know if the line height is still uncontrollable? I just tested on my android and it worked well with. the latest version.

So because I set the number of lines to 5 it overflows? If I set it to 2 it works as expected.

Yes. Seems like we give you the opportunity to overflow your text or capital off. I think best testing would be done by filling in some dummy text into a label. Then size your label. And then set the number of lines to either overflow or stop at the end of the label. Hopefully in the future we can complete this automagically, but for now it must be set manually

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If you try your projects today you should see the expected behavior that was happening before our updates. I was incorrect in the previous post and want to just update with new and more correct information. Your overflow should be hidden. Please ensure you’re on the latest version of the companion app, refresh your browser, and then try your app again

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