How to text wrap when label overflows - HELP!

I am making a decimal to binary conversion app.
In the app, when the binary equivalent to the decimal contains a lot of numbers (which the label can no longer contain), it overflows out of the screen, on both sides.
I have tried trying out the different advanced settings of the label but of no use.
Need urgent help!

The illustration is given below:

In Thunkable X, there are no functions that work with the width screen layout, text, etc., so one of the simplest solutions is to manually wrap a string of digits, for example, if the number of digits in line 16 is exceeded.

  1. Get the length of the time line
  2. If the length of the time string is greater than 16, then add the first 16 digits to the time variable and delete the first 16 digits from the time string
  3. if the length of the temporary string is > 0, add a newline character to the temporary variable
  4. Repeat steps 2-4 in a loop until the length of the time line is greater than 16

I am a beginner to programming and this and didn’t really fully understand about the time line and concepts you are talking about. Can you provide the code as well?
Would help a lot.

Thank You in advance.

Hi, @aaron.shajikj6n! :wave:
I think it’s simple…

Just set the label’s width to Fill Parent, and text allign to center/justify.


Before :

After :

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:
Thanks! :blush: