Binary To Decimal Conversion Problem - HELP!

Hey Guys,
I have encountered a problem with my project app.
Its a binary to decimal converter and i need help with it urgently.

The answers are sometimes right but not always. Especially when entering a large binary value, the answer is increased.

The code used is given below:
The binary number i used in this example is 10100101000010000101 whose correct answer is 675973 but my app shows 675980.

Try this:


Dude, Thank you so much for your help.
I was stuck on this for a long time.
You basically saved my project !!
:innocent: :grin: :+1:

You’re welcome!

Can you help me out in this query as well??

Would appreciate it a lot . :grin:

from Design page make the label 2 or 3 lines