Text to label does not fit

Hi Folks…
Is there any way that this scenario can be solved.
A lable is to be filled with text. Number of lines and text mass differs from time to time.
I want the Text label SIZE to be changed according to fit the text added into the label each separate time.
But it seems impossible… Am i wrong?

Have you tried setting the label’s width and height to “Fit Contents” in the properties panel?

If that doesn’t work, we’d need a link to the project and/or some more information such as which interface you’re using (Drag and Drop or Snap to Place), a screenshot of the properties panel for the label, and a screenshot of the failed display of text. It’s also important to mention (if you don’t provide a project link) what type of container the label is in (screen, Layout container, group, row or column).

Unfortunately i did this app in Drag n Drop where text “Label” is missing the component “Fit Contents”
Work around to use number of lines or “Height in Pixels” wont help as sometime the label will be filled with 5-10 lines of text up to more than 3500
Any other ideas?

Screenshot of a display that is failing wont be correct since there is nothing wrong as such - I have to set the text height to at least 6500px to display all text…Which means that some times there is a very long label to scroll through - but only half of it might be filled with text. So we really need some "Fit Content here to…
Please advice

You’re right, DnD does not have “Fit Contents.” Okay, what about using a List Viewer or Data Viewer List (with a custom layout to manage line height, if needed)? That way each item can have a text string that syncs to a data source (local or cloud-based)?

And why do you need 3500 lines of text? Is there some way to design the app differently so that’s not needed? Or to grab just part of the data source at a time to display?

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