Multiples lines in text : reponsive

Hello all,

I am get an object property that is a text.
I would like to put this text into a label but :
my text is a multi lines text that I get from an api. I do not know the size of the text and I do not know the number of lines because it can change from one call to another.

with the length I can know the length but I do not know the number of lines.
Once I have the number of lines, I would like to setup dynamically the properties of my label and all the other components of my screen.

thanks a lot

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In the Legacy UI (also called Snap to Place UI) the label component is automatically expanding to contain the text and it will expand the the height of the container it is in.


I forgot to say that I am using the drag and drop :pensive:


The DnD UI does not have such option yet.