How to make a label multiline


I am making an app where users can put their study notes. Right now, the user enters the note Title and Text. Then in a screen I called DisplayNote it takes the Title and Text the user inputted and puts it in a label for them to view. If the Title or Text is too long, it doesn’t fit on the screen. I was wondering how I can fix it so all the letters are visible. I am using the Cross Platform too.

Thank you!

Hi @iiRosie1,

I used the following Thunkable video tutorial to guide me in making multiline textbox or multiline label in Thunkable X.

I hope it helps you too.

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Hi @iiRosie1

Oops! I forgot to also include this earlier New line - thunkable x - ios


The first video is not the cross platform. The second link, I don’t think I will be able to use their br method because the text I want to display in the label is taken from an airtable.


Yes, I m aware that the 1st video is for Thunkable Classic.
My intention was to provide some ideas to go about addressing your app issue.
I apologise if the info provided did not meet your copy & paste expectation. I m sorry.

Are you attempting to take a single line string of text From airtable and have it display as a multi line string of text?