Push Notifications in Thunkable ✕

Good day.

How can I send Push Notifications through One Signal for my app made on Thunkable X?



I am also wondering this.

It’s possible with web api with one signal :slight_smile:

This will be in the next update

Yeah but You can already do it with web api

Ahh I have a One Signal account already, so how do I use the Web Api with it then?

Ask on the live chat they will help you they send me a hole instructions:) if not i will try to send it you you tomorrow

Hi can you send me the instructions ?

Hi there,
The push notification will appear on the device even if the app is closed.
You don’t need to use Airtable to configure these Push Notification APIs to work with Thunkable. The component you will need is the web API.
I will give you an example of how to send a POST request using OneSignal, but there are other services you can use for this. You will have to set up your own account and payment for Push Notifications.

As you can see from the documentation, the POST URL we need is ‘https://onesignal.com/api/v1/notifications’. This goes in the URL property of your Web API component.

You can also add parameters to your POST query using the Web API component.

For instance, the section of the OneSignal documentation explains how you should add your Authorisation key:

We need to add a header to our request named ‘Authorization’ with a value of ‘Basic REST_API_KEY’ where REST_API_KEY is your API key. This is how you would do it in Thunkable:

The same goes for query parameters. Here we will add the ‘app’ parameter to our query, as described in the documentation:


When you are ready to send your POST request, you can use the corresponding block:

If you have correctly configured the Web API component to work with the service you have selected, your users will receive push notifications.

Let me know whether or not that works for you,



@danyklein, it looks like what you suggested is a way to trigger notifications to users of the app.
However, how do you actually pair the app to receive notifications from onesingal?

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I hope they come soon, I’ll try web api and one signal now, do i have t pay to use it?

I made app with classic thunkable with push notification and know want to make an updated on thunkableX but there are not Push notification so please tell me how to add push notification in my new app on thunkableX not in classic …Thanks

I already asked that but at the moment is not possible to do that in X version. you can do it via Firebase Realtime DB … the only way


Sorry Andrea; I don’t understood how is possible send a notification via firebase… can you explane me? if you wont can send me private mail.

Ciao Giuseppe,
in effetti non è possibile inviare notifiche come pensiamo noi ma messaggi in tempo reale (che non è la stessa cosa).
Per contro leggi il mio post di oggi (Notification in X Version) … in effetti l’unico modo è quello di utilizzare “Firebase Cloud Messaging”. C’è da lavorarci un poco …

Ciao Giuseppe
in fact it is not possible to send notifications as we think, but messages in real time (which is not the same thing).
Read my today post (Notification in X Version) … the only way is to use “Firebase Cloud Messaging”. We need to work a little …

Hi guys, but is it possible to integrate firebase instant messages with an app created with thunkable? if you have a guide that I can follow (consider my boundless ignorance)

Ciao ragazzi, ma è possibile integrare i messaggi istantanei firebase con un app creata con thunkable? se si avete una guida che io possa seguire (considerate la mia ignoranza sconfinata)

Hey, a me potrebbe andare bene come soluzione, ho letto c he le notifiche si possono fare con one signal e la web api anche, ne sai qualcosa?

It would work as a solution for me, do you know how to use one signal?

It has how to use Push Notification at the Cross Platform X?

Not yet available but the developers have indicated that it’s something that will eventually make its way into Thunkable X.

Hey, thx for the post, i tried it but it’s not working :frowning:
on the linked site https://onesignal.com/api/v1/notifications
it says:“app_id not found. You may be missing a Content-Type: application/json header.”|