Push Notifications in thunkable x

I’m aware that push notifications are not possible in thunkable x itself. Is there any other way to send them through the app (like web api or sth like that)?

Is it possible to do it with one signal?

Yes you can be use the onesignal

can any one tell me how we can do it with one signal

Please if anyone knows how to do it tell us


It’s worth remembering that it does not work on android 8 up


I have at onesignal is posible for x.thunkable for android and ios ???


Can Push notifications work on Thunkable X using One Signal now? in 2019 I mean, or is it still not working?

I am also wondering if or when push notifications will workin Thunkable X. Is there any way to make One signal work?

still under development, i think?

I want to send notifications to my app using just Firebase URL, not OneSignal, through URL:https://fcm.googleapis.com/fcm/sendbut I don’t found how to get the device token to identify App+Device.
There are many docs in google explain how to get that token in an Android Studio and gradle, but I don’t found anything related to Thunkable App
Can you help me to know how to get the device token, or how to send a notification message to a specific device from my website?