I want ONLY receive push notification on my app

I need only to receive push notifications on my app, I saw the documentation with OneSignal but its not complete.

Why use a Firebase and a OneSignal account at same time?
What is the Firebase function?
What is the OneSignal function?

In the x.thunkable push notification documentation does not explain how we will send the notifications on the production environment (real life) to one o several users, I mean when the users has my app on theirs phones and I need to send a notification to one user from my server because a condition
trigger How I do it?

Hey @itcare.desarrollosiw,

OneSignal have an awesome dashboard on their website to create notification templates and more, and push them directly to devices.

From my research, this is what I found:

You only need to follow the Firebase setup if you need push for Android, you can skip this if you only need iOS push.

For Android push notifications you will need to create a Firebase Project and enter the Firebase Server Key and Firebase Sender ID key values from it with OneSignal. Follow this guide to create the free Firebase project and how to get them into OneSignal.

react-native-onesignal automatically includes the FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) dependencies so don’t have to follow any of the FCM docs to add it to your app.

Hopefully this answers your question. OneSignal, once set up, is awesome.

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Hello, did you find a solution? I have the same doubt, can you share? the example of sending push notifications to everyone or any user.
Hola, encontraste solución? tengo la misma duda, puedes compartir? el ejemplo de enviar notificaciones push a todos o cualquier usuario.

Once you follow the instructions in our docs, you can set up new push messages in one signal.

Check out this video