Can we use 2 firebase projects for one account

We are currently having two features that require firebase , one is for sign in, sign out etc and the other is for push notification to a specific user. Is there any way we can use 2 firebase projects for one thunkable project or can we use 1 for both features , if so then how to connect specific user notification with firebase , as I was following this tutorial in adding the push notification and as I am a beginner did not understand it from the 3rd step.Sending notification to specific users using onesignal

I don’t think you need two Firebase accounts for this @smartnst.tech9d - the purpose of the Firebase in the tutorial you linked to is to store the Push ID - but perhaps @jacob1 can clarify that for us?

We have a built-in push notification component that is maybe a little easier to get started with here:

I have actually set up the push notifications but to send a notification to a specific user I have been following this tutorial as this is the only one I found helpful for setting up my this feature but from the 3rd step onwards I am not understanding it because it is more of said in programming language slang and some steps are hard for me to understand as I am a total beginner and only getting used to this platform, could anyone just briefly explain from the 3rd and 4th step of the topic linked in this message .Sending notification to specific user

Yes that’s correct Dom, it’s only used in the tutorial to store pushid

Check out my post in that thread that makes an all block solution to sending push notifications

Oh, Thanks a lot

I tried this out but did not work, is there any problem in my code, pls do check

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It should read include_player_ids