Firebase Cloud Messaging and notifications

Is it possible to use Firebase Cloud Messaging to send notifications to users using my Thunkable X app?
If so, can you please explain how?

Thank you

I need that too :frowning:

any word on the use of FCM?

if you need to (send) notification from Thunkable app , you can use Onesignal API … you will need to pass required data such " app id " , " rest API key " ,“message” and "segment = All … if you want it as general notification "

more here :

Thank you! I am using one signal currently. I am specifically wondering about consolidating services by using firebase for my DB, sign in process, and for push messaging.

I’m also very interested in this! The firebase ecosystem is really great and it would be awesome to take advantage of its full capabilities. Adding Firebase Cloud Messaging support along with Firebase Storage and Analytics would be really powerful!

Has anyone made a feature request yet? I can do so if not so we can get it on their radar, even though I’m sure there are higher priority things they’re addressing at the moment.

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Yes please! Firebase is just far better than one signal.

not yet. can you do so at the GitHub repository?

Is this working with Firebase Clouding?