Firebase idToken


I did not understand so well how the sign in works on
After that all that I get is user ID. How can I take the idToken so I can pass it on the the API I’m trying to access? Also this API receives the token on request headers which apparently is also not an option on WEB API. Am I missing something? These look like important features for this API sign in process.


what API do you want to use?

It’s a Rest API of an internal Software we use in our company.

Clear. As you can see, the native part of Thunkable X has limitations for circumventing which try to use web technologies. For example, the Firebase JavaScript API.

Is there a way to address to this situation?

I think this information can help you.

Hi. did you find a way to resolve this? I am trying to get the registration token as well but I am failing

Hi! I just recently got back to this problem and found this post again. Back then I had no solution but now yes, I did it recently following the Firebase Authentication REST API, so, completely forget about the Firebase component if you want to do it. Use the generic API component and use the Firebase API as described on

Hi @marioishikawa,
I read the firebase API but I don’t found how to get the registration token, needed to send a notification to a specific device.
Can you send us how to get this token with the API?

Best regards,
Juan Pascuet

You can send notifications to a single device using OneSignal but not Firebase.

But, in Firebase is possible to call the URL and send a notification to specific user, if yo uhave the registration token.
I want to know how to access this registration token from thunkable. There are many documentation about how to obtain them in an Android Studio project, but not from Thunkable project.

My idea is to sent notification from my website (not an web app, is a regular html/asp site), so to do that I want to call with all security parameters. But, my problem is I don’t know how to get the registration token, needed to specify a single device.

Am I clear? My english is limited