OneSignal for Push Notification

to push messages on our devices we have to wait the import of OneSignal or there is another way?


anyone know if Push Notifications are possible in X version?



While this is not possible. What task are you trying to solve with Notifications? Can you solve it without Notifications?

Iā€™d like to reach my App users to sending notification like retail promotion, messages and so on.
So how I do that without OneSignal?

Here you can try using Firebase (a component for working with it - RealtimeDB). It will work this way: users send a message to the database, which will be realtime displayed for all clients connected to it.

Another option is to use AirTable (a component for working with it - SpreadSheet). Works like this: users send a message to the table, and your application uses a timer to request changes in table.

two good options.

Thank you very much.

Hello, could you help me understand where to find documentation to send notifications messages?


Thunkable X does not have this functionality.

Firebase Documentation:

Thx for the reply, but could i make an app that receives notifications only for android?

Cause as of now I need an android app that receives notifications from firebase data change

Try asking this question in the Thunkable Classic discussion.

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