[Solved] Is there a way in Thunkable for conditional notification?

is there a way in thunkable for geting conditional notification. for example when any data in db of firebase is a perticular value, send a notification in app?

Hi @biswajitjei02n8v0iw.

Would the user have the app opened or closed?

When app is closed also when open all the time.


You currently can’t do local notifications. Thunkable X supports OneSignal for push notifications. They do have an API also. You can send a push to specific devices so if you stored your device ID under the user ID in your Firebase then you could probably do something that way.

Someone else here in the community might drop in with an idea here on how to automate. I personally would just do this with a simple Python script. There may be straight forward services out there to accomplish this.


This is what I’ve found using Zapier.

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is it posible to track a single data point in firebase for generating notification here ?

Hi @biswajitjei02n8v0iw,

I am unsure if this is possible as I’ve never used Zapier before like this. This might be a question for the ol’ Google or the Zapier Community.