Push Notifications in Thunkable ✕

@Hristo he help me … Can you please explain it to the people here pls ?

Ok, hope he can help me too, but didn’t he help you in a post in here somewhere i can read too?

Once upon a time a community trying to send push notifications.

no he send me that all and write me in the help chat

Hello, I saw that the onesignal component was also implemented for the Ios version, but did I get it wrong or do I need an apple developer license? I’m making an app for the parents of my school and I didn’t want to spend money on a license that I would only use once and that nobody reimburses me … how can I do? the push notification component is essential to keep parents’ attention alive, can you help me?

Hi @Comitato_Genitori_Ma,

Yes we have launched the push notifications component this week:

In order to publish to any app store you will need a developer licence.

That’s a valid concern, have you been commissioned to develop this app or did you volunteer for the role?

I agree, push notifications sound like a great way to quickly communicate with parents. What’s the existing way of doing this? SMS? I would imagine there’s a cost involved with texting 100s of parents - have you prepared a cost/benefit analysis?

hello and thanks @domhnallohanlon
yes, I am a volunteer so there are no funds to pay for the license. I was hoping the notification component worked like Android, in fact for these devices I have an apk file that the parents install, I was hoping to replicate even with IOS.
Given the impossibility of avoiding the license, do you think we can use a different system? using API?
Do you think you can find a group that “publish” for me?
Thank you for your time

Hey @Comitato_Genitori_Ma,

Interesting update for you - I just learned about the Apple Developer Program Fee Waiver Scheme.

Apparently this has been out for a while now :man_shrugging:


Hey Dany,

its not working could you please help

I tried it as you suggested but it doesn’t work.

Was it working?
Shouldn’t something be different now?
I’ve been looking to implement push notifications here and there, but I can’t. Please help if you know how.

Is push notification released now? and if released how to use it?

I tried the push notification component in thunkable and I also worked very well but i want to know that is there a way in which my app can automatically send a notification to the user. Basically I Want a app that can give OTPs.
Regards ,
Shaurya :slight_smile:


But, How to Do it in the new Drag and Drop Update