Notification in X Version

we already chatted about it (today there is not an extension that do that) … we can use Spreadsheet/RealtimeDB to send message to the users (to view in listview example).
… but this means that we cannot do something like in the pictures? if we need to send specific message to users and show it like in the pictures … we won’t be able?



I did not understand. Need to send a picture with text on which another picture is superimposed? Do you want to send the message in HTML format and display it in the ListViewer component?

Try to send the message in HTML-format and display it in WebViewer or use nested image and Label.

Hello! I want help you!

Unfortunately I think not yet, this would only be possible with a Push Notification but not in the photo but in the taskbar.

in fact I meant this … notifications to the user who has the app closed and so the notifcation will be shown in the taskbar or above the icon itself as a little number

is it possible to use “Google Messaging” API with Thunk?

That do real mobile notification.


Are you talking about this service?

It will soon be declared obsolete.

yes :expressionless:

how is it possible? very bad news!
We have to find a solution!


It’s possible, but I did not do it. I’ll take a look. I suggest that everyone who wants to join us and work together to deal with this.

Reference to the documentation:

sure …
I really was thinking about this!


Hey! I am interested in using this service instead of OneSignal. Did you ever have success setting this up?