Need an App Developer for a personal App Project

I need somebody that can Develop a Simple Application for my Adventure Trails Business.
it is about taking pictures of birds and store them in a Cloud DB with all the lat, long, time, User, Name ( added but he User) data, and mark the location in Google Map.
Please contact me for more details and discuss the terms of the collaboration.

hello can send private message if you are interested in my help!

I can’t see any option for a private message…how does it works?

A navigator within a email icon

The system says I can’t send a Private Message to that user

The system says I can’t send a Private Message to you

Hello there,

Welcome to Thunkable Community :smile: :tada:

You can only build this. it’s simple :wink:
I can only help u with the blocks :smile:; rest, u have to do :fist_left:

Have a look at the project :

PS, if u don’t know how to fill media db, spreadsheet, etc., any #thunker can help you! :wink:

#Happy Thunking! :smile:

@Fernando_Matos, if he has trouble sending a PM to u, you may send a PM and u can also take the help of my given blocks! :wink:

I did it, exactly as you explained and the system says " Sorry, you can’t send a personal Message to that user"

do you have a " normal" email?

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