Can Thunkable do

Can Thunkable do…
Welcome to the discussion everycoder, today I am inserting a post/discussion about a few things we do or don’t know about Thunkable’s various app building features.

So the first ‘Topic Of Discussion’ is : Can we send a text message to a particular user through the app? And will data charges apply? Or can we send a mail instead? (All of these questions are searched in the Community because these are not clarified yet.)Ok, enough talking let the discussion begin!

Hi @browncoatjustice52, Welcome to our Community! :tada:

Yes, It’s possible to

  • Text a particular user through SMS (with your device’s default texting app)
  • E-mail a particular user (with your device’s default e-mailing app)
  • Call a particular user (with your device’s default phone app)
  • Share text with someone through any app (apps like whatsapp, telegram)
  • Share image with someone through other supported apps (like twitter, whatsapp, etc)

All the above things are possible through the ‘Share’ component :

Where can I find this component?

In the add components area in designer, search for ‘share’ :


I hope I was of some help towards you …
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Wow! I am just a normal programmer, I am not aware of these components.
Thanks a lot kartik14.
Do you have any ‘Can Thunkable do’ questions in mind, feel free to ask me or mail me at

P.S What is that ‘Power Thunker’ near you?

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Hi @browncoatjustice52!
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Power Thunker is a badge of honour rewarded by Thunkable for your support in this community. I have been supporting here since 2+ years (I have 2 accounts here).

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